We’re sure to see plenty more motorcycles riders out as well during the spring months..
But with that, can come some dangerous situations.

Nearly one month ago..27-year-old Stephanie Kidder was driving in Mason City on her motorcycle.
A car hit her … And she crashed.
The driver – said she just didn’t see the motorcycle.
Kidder ended up being air-lifted to the University of Iowa Hospitals, and is now recovering at Mercy Medical North Iowa…grateful to be alive.
She is sitting down with us … to share her story and get a very important message out to you.

Lying in this hospital bed, Stephanie Kidder has time to reflect on the past couple months of her life.
Not only has she welcomed a brand new baby ….she’s dealt with the unthinkable: Stephanie was in a motorcycle accident that nearly took her life.

She said, “I don’t even understand why this even happened… I was obeying the speed limit and everything. She just didn’t see me.”

Stephanie was out running errands on her motorcycle when she was hit by a car.
One moment she was driving down the road…. The next she was in a hospital getting ready to be air-lifted.

She said, “This time I would have been dead from the impact from hitting the wind shield and stuff so I really have had two accidents and both times my helmet saved me.”

But she didn’t walk away un-injured.
Her leg, pelvis, hand and rib were all broken leaving her unable to walk, something that’s very common for those involved in motorcycle accidents

Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Deputy John Crom said “At 99 percent of the accidents you come across someone is going to be injured in some sort of way.”

Local law enforcement says the #1 thing motorcycle riders need to do while on their ride is, “be seen.”

Crom said “Constantly scanning, being aware of the surrounding debris on the road, other vehicles, just being very, very attentive to all those riding.”

But, it’s not all up to the motorcyclist.

Stephanie said, “It’s a common thing for us to do, we’re always 360 looking at everything but as far as people in cars, if you don’t think you see anything, look twice.”

Stephanie hopes that if anything good comes out of this accident. It’s that people will be more aware and recognize that one hit to these smaller vehicles can change a life.

But for this rider it will not change her will

Kidder said, “I know if I don’t get back on a bike, I won’t be able to drive a car. Everytime I see a bike, I’ll get spooked so that’s one main reason I want to get back on a bike, even if it’s a buddies bike. I got to ride.”

Doctors in Iowa city told Stephanie that her helmet..did save her life.
But in Iowa it is not legally required.
However, both the law enforcement officer we talked with and kidder suggest that all riders should be sporting one..saying that you are better safe than sorry.

Kidder says she hopes to buy a brand new bike, once she gets back on her feet.