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Menyambut bulan Januari 2015, kami menawarkan SPECIAL OFFER bagi penggemar moge Ruby modifikasi untuk mendapatkan motor idaman :


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Harga Khusus

Model A Rp. 59 juta (w/fairing)

Model B  Rp. 55 juta (w/o fairing)

Modifikasi meliputi :

  • – Knalpot Kiri-Kanan
  • – Side Box Kiri-Kanan
  • – Tour Box Belakang
  • – Spakbor Depan – Belakang
  • – Jok (Single Model)
  • – Lampu Strobo + Siren Whelen
  • – Cover Engine
  • – Engine Guard
  • – Cover Fuel Tank
  • – Fairing Windshield (khusus Model A)

Original : Velg, Tire, Windshield (Model B), Master Cylinder, Mirror, Machine, Frame, Shockbreaker, Footstep, Electrical Wire, Headlamp


Jacket, Helm, Emblem HD


Syarat Pembayaran dan Kondisi :

  • DP : 50%  Sisanya Tunai saat Penyerahan
  • Waktu Penyerahan : 6-8 Minggu
  • STNK/BPKB  ( OTR Jabodetabek )  14 hari setelah pelunasan.
  • Pembayaran via Transfer Bank Mandiri an. UD. KAISAR BINTARO
  • Garansi Mesin 1 Tahun
  • Gratis 6x Servis dan Ganti Oli di Bengkel UD.KAISAR BINTARO
  • Pemesanan tidak dapat dibatalkan. Uang yang telah dibayarkan tidak dapat dikembalikan
  • Promosi ini berlaku hanya sampai 4 pembeli pertama selama bulan Januari 2015.

Annual biker event helps stop violence against women.

Satu lagi CONTOH kegiatan positif para bikers atau klub motor yang perlu digalakkan di Indonesia.

Bikers Fundraising @ Ottawa, Canada

EMC news – For one Ottawa community service provider, chrome and leather are a must for its annual fundraiser.

The Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre’s third annual Cruise Don’t Bruise: Bikers Against Violence fundraiser will take place on Sept. 15. It aims to raise money for the centre’s anti-violence programs.

Geraldine Dixon, a volunteer at the centre who also rides a motorcycle, finds the fundraiser important for both the centre and the motorcycling community.

“It is a good thing when we come together to make a difference. It is about changing one life at a time.” Dixon said. “The biker community really has gotten behind this event and happy to help give back.”

The centre served 1,962 clients between April 2011 and March 2012 through its women and violence program. Although it receives funding from the province and the city, program manager Isabelle Miron said the money raised allows the centre more freedom when it comes to helping clients.

“We are social workers, we want to help the women who need help,” Miron said.

“That is why we need a bit of money to have the freedom to help them, any way we can.”

Last year’s event raised $12,000 and organizers are hoping to raise even more money this year.

“Abuse is on the rise and is happening to everyone,” Miron said. “The spectrum is on the rise and the money is becoming rarer.”

Dixon is excited to participate again this year. She’s been a rider for four years and has found this event is always a great place to make new friends as well as to catch up with old ones.

“The camaraderie spills from the biker community to the centre’s community,” Miron said.

Both women said the best part of the event is seeing the long line of bikers before they take off on the ride.

“It is an impressive sight to see,” Miron said. “People are helping out and it is all so positive and is so great – I am almost in tears thinking about it.”

Dixon invites all riders and their friends to come out to support the fundraiser.

The route starts at the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre located at 2339 Ogilvie Rd., travelling to the centre’s satellite location at 1515 Tenth Line Rd. There will be a barbecue after the ride. To register, call 613-741-6025 or visit the centre’s website


Nice idea for Bikers Club Annual Event …

Really fun and happy along days …

See their slideshow !


This is what the Organizer says about them :


First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We are grateful for the interest it has created and are hopeful that it will continue. It is our desire to host a motorcycle rally for adults only that will have attendees returning for years to come.

Our names are Rick and Sheila Quick. We have been married for 29 years and are still going strong. Rick thoroughly enjoys riding and has been doing so since he was just a boy. We have attended many rallies over the years and when time and other obligations permit, will still continue to attend. The atmosphere of a rally is just something you can’t compare. We enjoy meeting new people and are eager for the rally to begin.

We are bikers also and truly believe that it is hard to beat having a place to come together with fellow bikers and blow off steam. It is hard to put into words exactly how much we have enjoyed attending other rallies, and will continue to attend.  Over the years we have met so many wonderful people that we are honored to consider friends.

Our goal is to host a motorcycle rally that allows the attendees to feel like they are truly a part of. With the desire, dedication and hard work that we are willing to put into Bikers Adult Rally, we are determined to make it one of the best rallies in Texas and maybe the US. However, our input is not what makes a rally. “The People” make the rally.

BAR is held at Diamond W Arena in Alvarado Texas. This facility has everything needed to have a rally everyone can enjoy. BAR is a 21 & over rally, with adult activities and drinking going on, this just makes it safer and more comfortable for all involved.

We may not have the biggest bands but, we will have good music. Activities will include games, contests, a bike run & bike show. Our goal is to make this rally an experience to remember and have you leaving on Sunday making plans for next year.

Come by for a rip-roaring time at the Bikers Adult Rally.

If you see us at another rally feel free to give us a shout, ask questions, give suggestions or just stop in to say hi. That is, if we don’t see you first.

With this in mind, we are open to suggestions and will take all into consideration. Please feel free to join our forum and post. We also encourage you to drop us a line with any questions, comments or concerns.

Again, thank you for taking the time to visit and we hope to see you at the rally.

Rick and Sheila
Rick & Harleybabe


Custom Motorcycle for Playboy’s Tron Photo Shoot

Nice dream for playboy bikers …

Enjoy the show.

KAISAR BINTARO, dealer Motor Roda Tiga TRISEDA dan Moge Ruby kembali beraktivitas !

Kami, UD. Kaisar Bintaro, dealer motor Roda Tiga Triseda dan Moge Ruby kembali beraktivitas dan siap melayani kebutuhan para konsumen.

Kebutuhan pembelian unit baru, pelayanan servis dan suku cadang, silahkan hubungi kami di 082123164954

Salam Sejahtera.

Motor Roda Tiga Andalan Usaha Anda dari KAISAR TRISEDA

Persaingan Usaha semakin ketat, kecerdikan pengusaha menjadikan mampu bertahan dan maju terus.

Memanfaatkan prasarana yang serba efisien dan efektif dapat menjadi andalan dan senjata usaha Anda.

Triseda Kaisar mempersembahkan MOTOR RODA TIGA BOX yang paling efisien, praktis dan harga yang terjangkau. Didukung purna jual dan ketersediaan suku cadang, menjadikan Triseda Kaisar terbaik di kelasnya.

HARGA MULAI dari Rp. 23.500.000,- OTR Jabodetabek.

Hub.: 021 60934425  SMS 082123164954   Fax  021 7453050

Ruby Roadking With Chrome

Di pertengahan tahun 2012, Ruby Kaisar V250 semakin mantap dan semakin digemari banyak orang yang hobby motor khususnya penggemar motor gede atau moge. Harley Davidson tetap menjadi impian banyak orang untuk memilikinya, sayangnya harga yang luar biasa di Indonesia masih menjadi kendala bagi masyarakat menengah.
Kaisar Ruby V250, dengan harga terjangkau menjadi salah satu solusi untuk memenuhi kegemaran dan aktivitas hobby para biker dalam menyatakan impiannya akan moge semodel Harley Davidson. Tak ayal lagi banyak modifikasi diciptakan untuk motor Kaisar Ruby yang tetap stabil dengan model standardnya sejak 2008 dan merupakan cerminan Vento Thunder Motorcycle USA.

Salah satu tampilan teranyar bulan ini adalah :

RUBY ala ROADKING dengan Cylinder Mesin di Chrom

Penampakan Ruby Kaisar semakin mantap dan nyata sebagai RAJA JALANAN (ROADKING)

– milik penghuni Lippo Karawaci –